Acting workshop



What does the workshop involve?

A complement to the education that is done in schools, through which knowledge is acquired in a more pleasant and creative way, more interesting, stirring the imagination. With the help of improvisation, pantomime, and acting exercises, participants will gain more confidence in them, overcome traceability, feel more energetic and full of creativity.



Puppet master workshop


What does the workshop involve?

The workshop is built as a response to the need of people for group communication, for expression under methods other than verbal. The puppet remains in the shadow and leaves its pride behind for the doll to come to life, when the magic is created, the effect becomes one more than therapeutic. In this practice spontaneity, imagination, group communication, and non-verbal language are involved.

Who can participate?

The workshop is aimed at all people aged 12+, who want to discover themselves, meet new people, let themselves enjoy the joy of the game, work in a team and be part of a group.