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13 letters plus one

Dear God,


I’m Oscar, 11 years old, I set on fire the cat, the dog and the house, ( even the goldfishes are burnt), and this is my first  letter for you because I didn’t have much time because of the school…I live in the hospital because I have cancer and if I didn’t write you it’s because I don’t believe that you exist…I’m a little weak today…Kisses. Tomorrow, Oscar



The One Man Show“13 letters plus one” is based on the Eric Emannuel Schmitt’s story “ Oscar and  Lady in Pink” but the attention is much more on the relation between Oscar and the God. Oscar is a little boy who has cancer and finds out that his surgery wasn’t successful and he doesn’t have much life to live. But Lady in Pink tell him a story and propose a game to him, a game where Oscar became the playful child that was once.

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